About Us

Andre Williams - Founder 

If I had to describe Xi Fu in a few words, it would be Chinese Artisan of Martial Arts and Apparel. When we met I was an injured pro footballer in NY and a serial entrepreneur. I had already ventured into footwear with the creation of the Runningman shoe. We had alot to talk about. The topic started with business, but soon we were talking about martial artist fitness, fashion, and finally jeans. Jeans were the one clothing item I couldn't figure out for my hyper athletic build.

Over the next 4 years, I completed two more NFL seasons, i became a fitness pro, and i built two denim brands, All Weather Workers & Travelers(AW) & World of D.K. Shin(D.K. Shin). AW is a men's brand that focuses on an athletic cut, 100% cotton proprietary Japanese Selvedge fabrics, and artisan washes.

In my mind, denim is handsome on a man because it hides his curves, and replaces them with creases, corners, and edges. When I put them on, it means that I am ready to take my day seriously and now, I expect you to take me seriously too.

The major difference between AW and D.K. Shin is the stretch. The most common question I get about my denim is, "do you make Women's jeans too?" I do, and I happen to think that women's jeans deserve a little stretch to excentuate her curves while the cotton tightens the form and gives everything a lift. I also learned that some men like stretch too because atimes, comfort is preferred to rugged handsomeness.

There are many, many brands that have "stretchy jeans". Many of them use the term denim jeans too loosely for my taste.

There are very few brands that offer high quality Japanese Selvedge Denims with enough just stretch to attain all-day comfort. D.K. Shin is part of a very small circle and AW's athletic fit selvedge denim stands alone.


Andre Williams