Clothing of the Future?

Clothing of the Future? | DAE K. SHIN & CO.

What attracts me to this space? What makes clothes so important that I'd invest this much into the idea?

When Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, what was the FIRST thing they realized? What was the NEXT thing they did?

The first thing they realized was that they were naked. What they did next was they made clothing out of the nature around them and they covered themselves. There is a significance to this that runs very deep. 

Adam and Eve saw that they were naked and they felt a sense of shame. Why? I think it is because they realized that the body was sacred. It should be protected, shielded, & unaltered. Clothes serve the purpose of protecting the body from harmbut they also represent mankinds universal acknowledgement of the sacredness of the body.

Now here is the kicker. Fast forward to 2021. I dont know if anyone is really paying attention but we are on the verge of some technological advancements that have the potential to drastically change society as we know it. Here are a few: 

Energy production that would dwarf big oil and create almost boundless energy through the proliferation of clean, nuclear fusion technologies. Travel will reach a new height, and the age of space exploration will take off but so will competition for resources in space.

6G+ technologies that would enable seamless communication systems that would allow for AI and autonomous machine integration into the fabric of society. Robots and robot minds will begin to populate our society. The Internet of Things will begin to flourish in our society and the world will become increasingly electrified, digitized, and connected.

Medicine, bio-engineering, and nanotechnology breakthroughs spurred on by the technological and energy break throughs will lead us down a path towards manipulating the human genome to and introducing smart machines into the body.

The issue for me is the intertwining of man and machine. When we start to put the machines in our bodies i believe weve gone too far. The body is sacred. We should never cast off our shame of nakedness. i for one, will remain an original human until i die. I will forever remain a classic model until i leave this place. My clothes on the other hand? I will upgrade the things i wear all day! I will upgrade yours too! 

What kind of clothing tech upgrades could you imagine seeing in the future?

By: Andre Williams

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