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How I Founded a Luxury Denim Brand
Andre Williams

They have access to things most small companies do not, in terms of fabric, and their fabrics aren't just special, their proprietary.

Andre Williams

Andre Williams is a former NFL player who got his introduction into fashion in 2015 when he met Eamon Walsh in New York, owner of Oneground Footwear. Under Eamon's guidance Andre created the Runningman shoe, an ultra-lowtop leather sneaker, a casual shoe built for the young professional.

D.K. Shinco

He also founded two denim brands, All Weather Workers & Travelers(AW) & World of D.K. Shin(D.K. Shin).

Was it a lightbulb moment or gradual moment to start DKShin&Co ?

Before there was D.K. Shin&Co there was the Runningman shoe. The shoe was a very fortunate opp. brought to me by my marketing team at the time. I couldn't turn down the chance for a pro Runningback to make his own shoe. After I completed the Runningman Red Herring, it dawned on me that I'd stopped wearing jeans back in college because there was no modern fit for an athletic build like myself. After researching further, I decided this was a niche in the market.

How did you get your first three customers?

My very first customer was my longtime teammate and schoolmate Kevin Pierre-Louis. I did a little advertising on social media with the first product shots & lifestyle photos I'd taken. KPL bought the first pair to show support. Many of my first few customers were from people I knew or worked with.

How did you validate the idea?

Close to 500,000 young athletes compete in NCAA sports in the US. every year and almost 20% of the population engages in sport or exercise each day. The athletically built population of the world numbers 500 million+There is a large portion of the population that can benefit from a new 'athletic' fit.

Did you have any experience/expertise in the area?

I didn't have any experience in apparel manufacture, fashion design, or marketing when I started. I met, collaborated with and hired people who did.

Have you raised any money? How much?

My apparel companies were self-funded. I took some money I had sitting around in an ETF portfolio and i decided to invest in myself and my interests and created AW Selvedge and DKShin. In order to start some intial work with my agency and my production team I put about $200,000.

What regulatory approvals did you have to go through?

None, really. Production for the brands take place overseas in Japan, China, Spain, and possibly Portugal next year. I suppose the only regulations I deal with at this point have to do with customs/duty when my product comes in.

Who is your target demographic?

My target demographic is the young professional or the person that wants the look of a 'young professional'. Washes are both classic & artisan.

Denim is very high end, Japanese Selvedge. Cut is athletic, or skinny fit with the right kind of stretch to fit an athletic build. Shoes are sporty, casual, accented leather. My demographic spends money on clothing as a personal aesthetic pursuit and as a necessity, not as a fashion trend. They aren't necessarily waiting for the newest season to drop, so long as their favorite seasons are still available.

What is the funniest/most strange customer request you’ve had?

One customer sent me a picture and asked if the back pocket was supposed to be sitting so far down his backside.

How did you fund the idea initially?

I self funded the idea. I used money I set aside in an ETF portfolio my 1st year in the NFL. It was around half of my signing bonus.

Where did you meet your co-founder/founding team?

New Jersey and New York were my stomping grounds between 2014-2016. I met all of my team members at that time. Some we run with to this day and some fell off early.

Any tips for finding first employees?

Test everybody. You never know the value of your network until you do. Some people want to support you, some want to invest in you, some want other things. Test everyone.

Did you run any companies prior?

I am 27 as I'm writing this. I don't have any prior experience in business. Since college I've been playing pro sports. I started all of these brands while playing ball but I've only just now got organized enough to coordinate a unified launch.

What motivated you to start your own business?

I was always motivated to run a business for several reasons. I'm very creative, I love to tinker. So much so, that I built a fragrance lab in my townhouse in 2015 to make soaps, candles and other homemade smell goods in my spare time. I told myself that I would continue to practice until hobby became artistry & then I would figure out how to turn it into a business. Long before that happened I found my first mentor and he picked me up and threw me in the water. I learned to swim in an unpredictable business current.

What were your family and friends first thoughts on your company?

I never gave much thought to what my family or friends thought about my company or my brands so I never really asked. I get good reviews about my clothes all the time, friend or stranger because I have a good product.

What motivates you when things go wrong? What is the end goal?

When things go wrong, what motivates me to keep going is, all the years of work previously put in up to this point. All of the relationships formed, all the developments created, the learning moments. I'm motivated by the people around me. My closest advisor told me, "Every problem has a solution. If there's no solution, there's no problem, so change your perspective." That always comes to me in hard times.

Do you have any advice for someone just starting out?

My advice to those just starting out is, start with a good product that you can convince yourself to buy.

What has driven the most sales?

I think word of mouth is the most powerful driver of sales but also, the product sells itself, so return customers have actually been the biggest driver of sales.

What is stopping you being 3x the size you are now?

To begin with, the American consumer is miseducated and misinformed about the potential quality of Chinese made goods. There is a reason that China is the manufacturing capital of the world. My factories in China aren't small. I'm not using a chop shop. In fact, some of the most iconic international apparel brands are accounts held by my factory group. Next, the trade war really put a damper on things when I finally got ready to make big moves. Samples started getting held up at customs. China's government started cutting down the volume of US accounts held by their factories. Many, many factories have shut down there. China is restructuring their economy as well as their relationship with the US. It is painful. It was a mess and it still is. Now, coronavirus is locking down stores and choking out retail.

How do you protect yourself from competition?

Filing trademarks for your logo is first. If you do it yourself, it is much cheaper than hiring an attorney. I have tried it both ways. Next is just creating a product that is hard for my competition to match.


My agency is amazing because we have access to things most small companies do not, in terms of fabric. My fabrics aren't just special, their proprietary.

Do you have any trademarks/IP/patents?

Yes, I have several registered trademarks for my various brand names & companies.

What are the top 3-5 apps your business could not run without?

Instagram is really our main wave right now as far as marketing goes. Shopify is a great app for direct to consumer sales. Third would be the various banking apps that I use to manage money. Social media is a powerful tool for getting your product in front of people but so much of this business is content creation. In order to create content, you need to stage photo shoots for product shots and lifestyle photography. You have to hire photographers as well as models. You need publicists to link you in with media outlets. You have to interact with people through so many mediums that it's hard to pinpoint the top 5. Like I said, I hire those with more know how than me. I'm just interested in the result, which is good content and sales.

What are your favourite books? What are your favourite podcasts?

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. I don't listen to any podcasts at the moment.

What are the next products you’re working on? Are there any releases you can tell us about?

The next products I'm working on are black and white denim for the fall season. I'm considering new selvedge colors as well. There are many, many developments that have been designed including tops but I'm waiting for the right timing.

Where do you see the company in 5 years?

5 years time, I see (AW) All Weather Workers & Travelers having it's own stores in the states and abroad. Right now we are considering how brick and mortar retail might evolve in the near future and trying to respond accordingly.

What is current revenue? If you don’t mind sharing..

Current revenue stands at about half of what was put into the business so far, so while it's great to see sales, I would love to build some momentum and make a full rotation of the money that was put in. Then we'd be cooking with gas. I'm a very patient person. D.K. Shin & Co. is really a very futuristic idea.

Would you ever sell?

I think there is so much potential for growth right now that I couldn't think about selling anytime soon. But I'd never say never. I do have higher goals in life that running a successful denim company. If I was offered the right sum of money to achieve a higher goal, I probably wouldn't turn it down.

New Brands to Watch Out For: AW and DK Shin

New (denim) kid on the block!

Part of a fashion editor’s job description is walking the trade-shows. You can check out what’s going to be trending in the next season, keep up with your contacts, socialize and have lots of interesting fashion talks. And, of course, get to see what new brands are out there firsthand.

This is what was the case when I checked out the Project show in NYC this past month.

I met Andre Williams, owner and creator of two unique denim brands: DK Shin (image above) and AW (image below).

The DK SHIN jeans represent an exaggerated representation of the moto style because apart from the ribbed denim stitching, zippers, and skinny fit, they also include a leather interstice around the knee area of the jeans in a ribbed stitch pattern.

The black leather knee insert takes this vintage fabric to a second prestige. However, the significance of the denim lies in its composition, a 97.3% cotton, 2.7% spandex blend crafted into original Japanese Selvedge fabrics. The level of comfort achieved in these jeans is unparalleled in the world of Selvedge denim. DK Shin has styles for men and women. Sizes run from 28 to 40 and we suggest going one size up your regular denim size.


We asked Andre about what his selvedge denim collection – AW – is all about:

“I am an athlete by trade, but I always had an insatiable interest in the creative process. So much so that I built a fragrance lab in my townhouse to make bar soaps and smell-goods. When the opportunity came around to build a shoe as a white label under a startup shoe company i jumped at it. I began to study and explore the apparel space an started to question why I could wear anyone’s shoe, but not anyone’s denim. The reason was because of my running back thighs (athletic thighs). I decided to do something about it.

AW stands for “All Weather Workers and Travelers”. Denim has a universal heritage. American workwear loved around the world because of the impact of Hollywood and fashion. Nowadays, whether you work, you travel, or you travel for work, denim is almost always appropriate.

AW crafts original 100% cotton Japanese Selvedge fabrics to create unique athletic fitdenim jeans. The jeans are unsanforized or”shrink to fit”. I believe the combination of fresh, vintage fabric, unique fit, and unsanforized quality creates a superior pair of jeans. The fabric adapts to you as it shrinks and stretches according to your body over time. The jeans age and fade extremely well.

AW offers both raw and washed styles in varying levels of distress while staying true to a classic, heritage vibe.”

The AW selvedge jeans run absolutely true to size.

You can shop for both collections – DK Shin and AW – on their website.

Way to go, Andre – the men’s athletic fit is truly much needed, especially in selvedge denim!



The best men’s jeans to wear now and through fall are fashion forward styles that reflect autumn’s new trends. That may sound intimidating, but it’s not, as the styles are online and in stores now. Pre-fall trends in the best men’s jeans include stone wash, distressed, workwear (think carpenter pants),  high-rise, colored, black and dark denim.

What’s out? Pleated jeans (really? Ugh, step away from them quickly), extreme low-rise,  bell bottoms, and any pair of jeans that are so worn out, the seams are held together with hope, not thread.


How to shop for jeans

The basic rule of thumb when wearing jeans is to find a pair that fits you best. Seriously, if you’re struggling to get into a pair of jeans, and hate them, but only have them because they’re on-trend, step away! There are so many style options out now, you can find something that’s worthy of a street style photo op, and will make you happy. Most jeans these days are made with a bit of stretch in them, so, you can find jeans that’ll let you walk, sit, and look good in them at the same time.


When trying on jeans, sit, bend, stretch and walk in them. If you have any difficulty do any of those things, either go up a size or try a different cut.

6 Types of jeans for men

There are dozens of types of jeans styles for men, but let’s drill down the most wearable fits or styles. The skinny fit is a skintight jean with either a low or mid-rise waist that looks like it’s molded to your body. The slim fit has a narrow cut that skims along the legs. Straight cut jeansare the most common jeans silhouette. Not too loose, or too tight, these jeans can go from office to weekend. Boot cut is a straight leg jean that widens toward the ankle so it can accommodate, yes, you guessed it, boots. Tapered jeans have legs that are cut wider through the thigh and leg, and then narrow towards the hem. Relaxed fitcould be called dad jeans, they’re loose cut from waistband to hem.

Now you know what’s what with the best men’s jeans, we’ve done all the heavy lifting and found the best men’s jeans to add to your rotation.  These nine pairs of jeans vary in color and cut, and easily fit into what you’ve already got in your closet. Scroll through the find the best pairs for your summer and fall.


1. Levi’s 501 Original Fit Jeans


Chances are that your first pair of jeans were Levi’s. These are the original jeans that are beloved throughout the planet. AKA button fly jeans, they have a regular fit at the thigh, and are cut straight throughout. Made with 100% cotton, they don’t stretch, but like any Levi’s jeans, after wearing them for a bit, they mold themselves to your body. These 501s come in 8 shades too.

dark wash cotton 501 button fly jeansLevi's




2. BDG Solid Black Dad Jean


Black jeans can go anywhere. Pharell Williams paired black jeans and a blazer on the red carpet,so go ahead and pair these relaxed fitting 5-pocket jeans with a hoodie or a button down shirt. Feeling fancy? Cuff the jeans, add loafers and a Hawaiian shirt.

black BDG jeansUrban Outfitters




3. Levi’s Stay Loose Carpenter Pants


olive green levi carpenter pantsLevi's




4. ASOS Design High Waisted Jeans in Vintage Wash Blue


The 90’s high-waisted jeans are back. How high is high? The waistline hits a bit above the navel. Done in a mid-wash blue, these jeans have the same width from waist to hem. They’re great with a graphic tee now, and a sweatshirt later on.


medium wash high waisted jeans from asosASOS




5. Linksoul Colored Denim Jeans


It’s always a good idea to switch up blue jeans for denim in other hues.  Colored jeans can go places where a “basic jean” can’t. Style ‘em up with a belt, and your good to go.  These Linksoul jeans have stretch in them and they also come in three other shades. If you toss on a jean jacket with them, no one will accuse you of wearing a Canadian Tuxedo.


Fern colored jeans from LinksoulLinksoul




6. DKShin AW Selvedge Jeans in Tom Ripe



dark wash selvedge jeans from DKShinDK Shin




7. Travis Matthew Legacy Jeans


Boasting a stretch waistband, these gray jeans were designed for comfort. Cut like a classic 5-pocket jean, they’re a lightweight cotton blend. They’ll look equally cool with a bomber jacket or a blazer. The Legacy jeans also come in black, charcoal and indigo blue.

gray travis matthew legacy jeanTravis Matthew




8. COLLUSION X003 Tapered Jeans



stone wash tapered jeans from ASOSASOS




9. Levi’s Western Boot Cut Fit Jeans


Designed to accommodate cowboy boots, these Levi’s have cool touches like ergonomically shaped pockets, a double inseam, and a reversed yoke that’ll highlight your butt…that alone could make them the best jeans for men. They’re made from cotton and stretch. You can also buy them in the lighter wash.


medium wash western boot cut jeans by levi'sLevi's




D.K. Shin is a luxury men’s and womenswear denim brand that just launched their first collection. D.K. Shin denim is made from Japanese selvedge denim.  With this method (selvedge), it gives maximum stretching capabilities. This gives extra space for comfort that is hard to find in most denim products. Because of the stretch element, the jeans mold to the consumers body creating the perfect fit and providing unmatched comfort.

“D.K. Shin goes where few have gone before in the denim world combining comfortable stretch with premium selvedge to create a one of a kind product. The design details in this Moto-style inspired, first season pop so hard that you remember these jeans when you see them”, says Founder Andre Williams.

unnamed (2).jpg

D.K. Shin also supports sustainability with its free lifetime denim repair program which keeps consumers from overbuying products and reducing fashions global carbon footprint. 

In addition to the luxury brand’s unique design and sustainability, D.K. Shin gives customers the option to donate 5% of their purchases to support global causes, which include breast cancer awareness, creating equality, COVID-19 response fund, support Black history and heritage and Improving education.

D.K. Shin founder, Andre Williams is a former NFL player with a passion for entrepreneurship. Starting his fashion journey in 2015, Andre created the Runningman shoe, an ultra-low-top leather sneaker and casual shoe built for the young professional. Over the next 4 years, he completed two more NFL seasons, became a fitness pro, and built two denim brands, All Weather Workers & Travelers (AW) & World of D.K. Shin (D.K. Shin).

Business Mogul: What inspired you to create the luxury denim brand, D.K. Shin?

Andre: D.K. Shin wasn't my first clothing brand. It wasn't even my first denim brand. I started in footwear. Being an NFL runningback, I marveled at the idea of creating my own shoe. The Runningman Red Herring is an ultra low top leather sneaker I created in 2015 that took inspiration from Vans, PF Flyers, & Converse to create a premium casual leather shoe for the young professional.

After creating the shoe and falling in love with the design process I realized that footwear wasn't the problem for me, it was jeans. I had given up on them in college after ripping two pairs. There was no fit to match my athletic build, and so I created AW, the All Weather Workers & Travelers premium selvedge denim jeans in an athletic fit. For me, denim was rugged & handsome on a man because it replaced lines and curves with creases, corners, and edges. This is why I insisted on the best fabric and 100% cotton to create them.

D.K. Shin was the antithesis of AW. I decided to break all the rules I abided by in the creation of AW for two reasons. First, I think, jeans are beautiful on a woman because it adds lift where it's needed, it accentuates her curves, and smoothes everything below the belt. Second, sometimes men aren't going for rugged handsomeness, just comfort. In order to accomplish this, the stretch is needed. I hope to include design details to the same effect every season with D.K. Shin.

Business Mogul: Customers have the option to donate 5% of their purchase to a cause, what inspired you to include this component with your brand?

Andre: The 5% donation was inspired by the fact that there is a sort of revolution and a transformation taking place right now in America. People are coming to the realization that we are indeed entering a new era and things will not operate the way they always did. We cannot continue to waste like we've done, exclude others like we've done, and ignore the problem like we've done. Even though there are many ways to address our society's issues, we don't always know the first step to take. The 5% donation is a good first step. At least now we can begin to think about the things that we are passionate about and give something towards that.

Business Mogul: In addition to DK Shin, you've created and built other brands. For you, how important is to for athletes to expand their careers outside of the physical sport?

Andre: For me, I felt that expanding my career beyond the sport was common sense because I always considered myself a serial entrepreneur. I always had an urge to create. I never gave up on any of my ideas, even though it didn't make sense at the time. Now everything seems to be coming together while many of my peers are nearing the end of a sports career we all knew would be short-lived. Unless you are a Tom Brady or a Phillip Rivers, the 3rd decade of life doesn't include much pro sport. I knew eventually, I'd have to find a new game to play and I wasn't going to be sitting at home wondering about a game plan. 

The new collection is now available, visit https://daekshinco.com/!!

Stay connected with the luxury brand: @daekshinco

unnamed (1).jpg

I invest in my kids every day. I wake up and make pancakes and oatmeal from scratch. I make my oldest learn to spell 5 words a day since he’s been out of school. I have conversations about nonsensical topics with them instead of giving them tv and games all day. I believe that both of my kids are leagues beyond me in all categories. My intention is that they grow up to be God fearing. I know that whatever they do from there, they will do so from a leadership position.